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The most exciting range of fishing rods to hit the UK market for years!

Veret are a family run Italian business based in the beautiful region of Tuscany. They have been hand building and designing bespoke fishing rods since 1975. They were one of the first companies to start making glass fibre fishing rods, revolutionising the way rods behaved compared to the original Bamboo canes. A few years on from this the two brothers decided to experiment with a new material, carbon fibre. Making fishing rods lighter, thinner, stronger and able to cast distances never before achieved, Carbon rods were a revolution. To this very day Veret are leading the way with new technologies and designs, however, their passion and dedication to their work has not changed since day one. Every single rod you will see in this range has been carefully built by skilled craftsmen in their Tuscan workshop. Every detail, from the angle at which the carbon is rolled, to ensuring the guides are whipped along the spine of every single rod, is done by hand. These rods are made in batches of one, ensuring nothing is missed or left to chance.

When you buy one of these rods, you are not just buying another fishing rod, you are buying into the very ethos of Veret. Passion, pride and commitment to producing the finest fishing rods available.

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Please note we have a full range of Veret rods in the shop ready for testing. To book a free test session please call 01202 480520.

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